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Bill Decker is founder and managing director of Partners International Inc. He consults in foreign and domestic market penetration, negotiation, cross-cultural understanding, and strategy for Start-ups and company growth.



He has over two decades of experience bringing firms into new markets around the world and has lived overseas for over 14 years. He has lived in Southeast Asia, The Middle East, Western, Central and Eastern Europe. His industry experience includes media (traditional and electronic) information, business services, hi-tech, healthcare, and energy.


The Adventure

Bill’s adventures started in 1983. He was armed with a handful of phone numbers, $100 cash, a suitcase, mandolin, and a one-way ticket to Taipei. During his adventures he was able to work his way around the planet, learn several languages, receive an MBA from Europe’s most prestigious university, and personally start more than 20 companies around the globe.

During his tenure abroad, he witnessed the falling of the Berlin Wall, and began opening his own offices in Central and Eastern Europe for his firm, Connect International (which had 60 offices worldwide).

He has solved problems around the globe, acquired new markets for his clients, evaluated and negotiated with acquisition candidates and been involved in dozens of start-ups.



  • MBA in International Management from Erasmus University, The Netherlands
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science from the State University of New York, Binghamton
  • Black belt in Taekwondo and Aikido
  • Publisher of two underground best-selling booklets under the Lessons From the Road series
  • Dozens of start-up successes, and 3 colossal start-up failures (great learning experience)
  • Work experience in 72 countries
  • On-the-ground experience in Europe, Asia and The Middle East


Special Skills

  • Creator of global partnerships (due to level of contacts)
  • Seasoned management trainer: international business, negotiation, sales, corporate development
  • Keynote speaker at conferences globally
  • Former professional magician
  • Mandolin and guitar player, stand-up comic, and writer of travel stories.
  • Proficient in 4 languages
  • Written up in the International Who’s Who of professionals.


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